Thursday, December 9, 2010

Outbound Google Voice dialing "proper" fix

As I mentioned in, proper Google Voice outbound dialing got busted at the start of the month because of a protocol change on Google's servers.

While upstream worked on the patch (as detailed in, I had a workaround that used an AGI call back for the dialer.

Well a final patch has been developed now that accounts for the protocol changes and accepted into 1.8.x svn (  I expect there will eventually be a 1.8.1 maintenance release that includes this patch.

In the interim, i've rev'ed my packages to 1.8.0-2 and include this patch now.  You just need to opkg upgrade and you should receive the updates.

# opkg update
# opkg upgrade

You should undo any AGI dialer hacks that were added and revert to the original outbound google talk dialer.  If you have been using my dialplan, this should just be a two line change to comment out the AGI line and uncomment the Talk line.

so the outbound section of your extensions.conf should look like this:

include => seven-digit
include => local-devices
include => tollfree
include => talk-gmail-outbound
include => talk-numeric-outbound
include => dial-uri

As always, you can view my dialplan and settings at in case you are missing something or joining in late.

And thanks to everyone who helped to make this patch happen!